Heritage-Breed Chickens

So why do we breed our own meat chickens?

We believe that livestock breeding, especially production poultry breeding has become  a lost art. Instead of breeding livestock that is well adapted to our local environment, weather and production methods, we farmers are increasingly reliant on a tiny handful of breeders to supply us with chickens that we can in turn raise for your table.

Instead of the active, efficient birds that we should be using, we’re stuck with what Joel Salatin has famously labeled “High-octane race car birds”  They’re called “Cornish Cross” and they are the same chickens that the big confinement operations use.

Now since we’re growing chickens out on pasture instead of giant buildings, we think that we ought to have a different breed of chicken that is better adapted to our growing conditions. We want chickens that peck and scratch around in the grass more, instead of lounging around by the feeder all day.  This means more nutritious chicken for you!  The grass, bugs and other stuff our chickens eat means that they eat more of a wider variety of vitamins and minerals than the “High-octane” chickens.  And that makes for a healthier, more flavorful meal for your family.