Winter Bundles

Winter Bundles

Our bundles are an excellent way to save money and eat well during the winter months, and saves you time by allowing you to order ahead! Our Bundles give you a large variety of meat at a reduced price. Pick up your bundle at our designated Bundle Drops every other week in the winter months. You order and pay ahead, so Bundle Drop Day is easy peasy: just meet our farmer, grab your Bundle, and get cooking!

Pickup your bundle drive-up style this winter.  Please remain in your vehicles and park next to the box truck and I will bring your order right to your car!  Thank you all for your continued patronage during this time and know that we are doing all that we can to continue to bring you the same healthy food that you love in the safest manner possible.


Our bundles are available in three sizes to fit your eating habits. Please note that the bundle descriptions are a representation, and do vary based on seasonal availability.

Carnivore’s Bundle: $137
Great for large families, neanderthals, direwolves

18 pounds of delicious pasture-raised beef, pork and chicken

Omnivore’s Bundle: $70
Perfect for small families, crossfitters, jedi-masters

8 pounds of delicious pasture-raised beef, pork and chicken

Sampler Bundle: $45
Awesome for first-timers, fence-sitters, dachshunds

2 pounds of ground beef
1 pound of pork breakfast sausage
1 grass-fed steak
1 package pork chops
1 package of bratwurst

Build Your Own
Best for choosy eaters, control freaks, millennials

Take a look at our price list and build the perfect bundle for you! Keep in mind availability does vary, especially in the winter. A $30 minimum order applies.

FAQs, Policies, etc.

*Orders placed less than 24 hours before the drop-off time may not be filled.

If you have any trouble ordering online, you can order by emailing Andrew or calling us at 507-271-6926.

Can I make substitutions in my Bundle?
We are able to make substitutions based on your dietary needs. Please specify your dietary restrictions where indicated in the Bundle Order Form.

How do I pick up my order?
Our Bundle Drops are located at the St. Paul Downtown Winter Market, Apple Valley City Hall, and Bloomington. We will communicate pickup details with you via email after you place your order.

On Bundle Drop day, arrive at the drop location during the scheduled time. You don’t have to bring anything special, although some folks like to bring a box, cooler, or insulated grocery bag. All of our items are individually packaged and frozen. Having your confirmation email handy also helps in case there are questions about your order.

When are the order deadlines?
Orders must be placed 24 hours before the day of your Bundle Drop. Orders received after the deadline may not be filled.

Need to cancel your order? No problem, just let us know 24 hours before the start of your Bundle Drop. If you have paid we will issue you a full refund if you notify us by the deadline.

What if I miss the Bundle Drop?
Our advice: Don’t. You can always send someone else to pick up your order for you, just let us know who to give your order to!

We will send out a reminder the day before the Bundle Drop, but please be sure you put it on your calendar and arrive promptly.

Our Bundle Drop ends at the precise time stated. Sorry, we are not able to wait on latecomers. We are a very small farm consisting of just a few humans who are highly outnumbered by very hungry animals, so time is of the essence. Please be on time so you don’t go hungry too! We appreciate your punctuality!

Any other questions, never hesitate to ask! Send us a message on Facebook (best way) or email. You can also call or text us at 507-271-6926. We are happy to help you choose the best products for you and your family!

Be sure to browse the website to learn more about the farm and our practices, and Like us on Facebook to get the latest updates and info about our farm, products, sales, and more!