Farm Store

Farm Store

Coming 2022. Stay tuned for updates!

Farm Store

Alrighty, I’ve got a strange one for you today. This is the future Farm Store, it’s the red building on the map near the house.


Now on the outside this appears to be nothing more than your run-of-the-mill detached single-car garage.


But when you open the garage door things get strange in a hurry.


8′ ceilings, paint and wallpaper? Strange.
Trim & Baseboards? Stranger…
Hardwood floors & a picture hanging on the wall? What the heck is going on here?


Add to that the two small closet-sized rooms with shelving that are on the West side of the building.


Looks like some sort of secondary living space; like a mother-in-law unit with no plumbing. But it has recently been converted into another use: a dog kennel.


Someone cut a hole in the door, another hole in the wall and hastily erected two dog runs outside. That will all need to be ripped out.

Oh, and remember that first picture of the inside? You know, the one with the pallet of shingles and two rolls of roofing felt in the foreground? Yeah, turns out that’s not there by accident.
There’s a bit of a roof leak. Oh well, add one more to the list.


As soon as it’s cleaned up and has a new roof on it, it should make an ideal Farm Store. It’s close to the house, has plenty of room, wired for electricity for freezers and refrigerators. Plus I’m sure I can make one of those closet-rooms into a walk-in cooler. I’ve already got my eye on the back room for a farm office.


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  1. You do have your work cut out for you, but it will look nice when you are done. Good idea about the walk-in cooler. I hope you do a post about it all, especially the walk-in cooler.

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