About Us

Green Machine Farm is:

Andrew, Callina, Cathy and JA Johnmeyer

Andrew & Callina are the young un’s.

Andrew is itching to drop out of the rat-race and join in the family farm.  Callina is providing the impetus to move to Southeastern Minnesota. (She’s a nurse who will be working at the Mayo Clinic starting in October).


JA & Cathy are the old hands.

JA has been farming since he got out of high-school, although mostly part-time.  Cathy quit her town job in 2011 to see how she would fare as a full-time farmer.


Green Machine Farm is a farm in the making.  Join our family as we establish a diverse sustainable farm in Southeastern Minnesota.

Our family is from central Missouri, where we have been raising beef cattle for over 15 years.


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  1. This farm is awesome! I love this blog!

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