It’s Official

Hooray! We legally exist!


Deep Litter Chicken Bedding

It’s now been three and a half months since we got our first batch of chickens for the new farm.  …

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Chilly Critters

The mercury has plummeted in the past 24 hours here on the farm.  We woke up to a -6 degree …

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Gardener’s Supply Boot Trays

As you may know, it’s winter. That means lots of snow, ice, mud, water, dirt and whatnot get tracked in …


Update – $200 Pig Challenge

I’m spending money like a madman I tell ya.  It’s been fairly cold here (in the teens most days) so …


Farm Paperwork

It’s been a joyous day here at the farm. It’s the new year, we’re starting a new farm, farmers markets …

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January Tech Roundup

As an avid newshound and techie, I’ve been following this week’s 2013 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) coverage.  It would seem …

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Antibiotics: good in small doses

Earlier this week I bought the first three pigs for our new farm.  They weren’t exactly the heritage breed hogs …

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The $200 Pig Challenge

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention.  I’m beginning to believe it. After looking around at other …



Penny & Cinco greet the new arrivals. It seemed like a long car ride back from Owatonna (about 40 miles …