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Antibiotics in animal feed: Part of the problem.

23 Feb

It’s nice to be right every once in a while.  Unfortunately, I’d rather not be right about this:  “MRSA appears to have originated in humans, but acquired antibiotic resistance in animals”

Yep, turns out that if 60% or so of the antibiotics in this country are used for animals (mostly in feed) that’s where you’re going to find the antibiotic-resitant bacteria.

So with the BBC, 60 Minutes, Time magazine, and a plethora of scientific and medical journals claiming that we’re in an “Antibiotic Crisis” Why are we still giving so many antibiotics of it to farm animals?

The big agri-businesses would tell you that they need the antibiotics to keep their animals healthy.  The real truth is that they need them to keep their businesses profitable.  Regular antibiotic use allows producers to get away with keeping their animals in unnatural and unsanitary conditions, which are more profitable.

The Green Machine Manifesto

16 Feb

Green Machine Farm is about farming like the future depends on it.

Because it does.


The problems that we face as a society and a planet are many.  And while they may seem impossible to tackle, the solutions are quite simple, but in solving them, we must start with ourselves. We must consciously choose to act in accordance with the solutions.   And this choice cannot be made only once, for we make choices countless times every day.  We must make these choices every day.

Green Machine Farm is a choice we have made as farmers, and as people. We choose to:

Farm Awesomely

Be a model for agricultural practices that benefit everyone, the farmer, the consumer, the animals, the society, and the earth.

Be Green

It is not enough to seek to “do no harm” we must actively seek to improve our land, our animals, our people and our food if we are to rise to the challenge of feeding the world without destroying it.

Reduce Suffering

We strive to treat our animals according to the golden rule.  We owe them not only a humane death, but most importantly, a humane life.

Be Self-Reliant and Interdependent

We must seek to be a wellspring of energy, ideas and elbow-grease, both for ourselves, and for others.  We can survive on our own, but it takes a community to thrive.

Be Advocates

We’re not banking on political change, but we must always make our voices heard. We must choose to question authority and take a principled stand.

Make time for the important things in life

We choose to be grateful every day.  For this life and for the people we share it with. The future is never guaranteed, so we must enjoy and be grateful for each day.